Get a glimpse of my adventures as I share travel destinations, tips, and hacks.
I’ll show you how I spend my time on vacation, all while teaching you how you can color your travel “green”.


Changing up the things we use and the stuff we do is difficult. I’m here to show you how simple it is. Through making small changes here and there, we can all become responsible consumers.


Still not sure what it means? Are you confused with all the jargon? Maybe you just want to know more about the subject. I’ll break down key concepts and share what I learned through the years, so you can be a Sustainability Advocate too.

About Me

I’m Emily Vizconde, born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I’ve just acquired my Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation with a focus on applications to the travel sector. My blog gives you a glimpse into my life as an avid explorer and delivers informative posts on how you can change the way you live and travel to help our planet and its people.

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